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How will I know the taxable dollar value of the gift I selected?
The taxable dollar value of the gift you selected will show on the Checkout page, where you will still have the opportunity to confirm your order or exit without ordering. Once you order, the taxable dollar value will show on your e-mailed confirmation receipt as well as your Order History on the Be A STAR website. 

How is the taxable dollar value determined?
The taxable dollar value represents the retail value of the item you ordered (not including shipping or taxes). 

How are Half-Price Specials taxed?
Half price specials are still taxed at the full retail value.  Regardless of the number of points you have spent for that item, the IRS view is that you have still received an item worth that amount.   

How are the taxes determined for the gift I select?
The taxes are determined based on the taxable dollar value and the applicable state and federal taxes.  These taxes include social security, medicare as well as state and federal income taxes. The state and federal income tax percentages vary by individual based on your withholding selections.

When will the taxes for the gift I select appear on my paycheck?
The taxable dollar value of the gift redeemed will be applied to your second paycheck of the following month. The taxable dollar value will be shown under "Taxable Reward" and the applicable taxes will be deducted for that item. Please note that there is no deduction for the actual taxable dollar value, but only the taxes associated with that value. In recognition of the holidays, no Taxable Rewards will be processed in December. Therefore if you select a gift in November or December, the value of that gift will be applied to your second check in January.

Will Service Awards be taxed?
According to IRS guidelines, Service Awards are exempt only if a tangible item is given at a meaningful event. Since Wallis has an Annual Awards Banquet, we will be able to comply with this exemption. Therefore, 5 and 10 year service award recipients will have a choice to receive a tangible gift at the Awards Banquet which will be tax-exempt OR receive STAR points and choose a gift at a later time, which will not be tax exempt. A tangible gift does not include trips or gift certificates but STAR points can be applied towards those items. For service award recipients with 15 years or more of service, the value of the gifts exceed $400.00, therefore, the service award is not tax-exempt. For these recipients, Wallis will cover the employee's social security tax and then that employee may choose any gift, vacation or gift certificate offered on the Be A STAR site.

Why are STAR points redeemed subject to taxes?
The IRS views these items as part of your earnings.  Therefore, all STAR points redeemed are subject to taxes according to IRS guidelines concerning fringe benefits and payroll applications referenced on the Circular E. Based on employee feedback, Wallis has chosen to only apply the tax after a gift is redeemed versus taxing points when they are distributed.

If I select a gift valued at a large dollar amount, will I be taxed all at once?
Based on employee feedback, Wallis' policy will be to not apply more than $150.00 of Taxable Reward value to one payroll check Therefore, if the value of the item you select exceeds $150.00, the amount over $150.00 will be applied to subsequent checks until the full value has been applied - unless special circumstances apply.  Anything beyond these guidelines will be communicated to the employee in advance. 

Why aren't Safety awards exempt from taxes?
According to IRS guidelines, Safety awards are only exempt from taxes if a tangible item is directly given. In addition, clerical, professional, administrative, managers and executives are excluded from the exemption. To be able to give safety awards to everyone, Wallis has chosen to issue STAR points versus giving each employee a tangible item that may or may not be what is wanted or needed. 

Why don't all of the awards I have received and/or given appear on my account page?
All of the awards you've received and given will appear on your account page for 90 days from the date they were issued.  After 90 days, you will no longer be able to see those awards but all of the award information will remain in the database.  If you need any details for any awards older than 90 days, please contact us.

Why is my billing address set up to be 106 E. Washington Street, Cuba?
By default, billing addresses are set to 106 E Washington, Cuba for all employees.  This is because a billing and shipping address is required to place an order.  Since employees will not be billed, we entered this default address to save everyone the hassle of entering it.  However, please note that shipping addresses are blank.  Please make sure to enter your proper shipping address and do not select the option to make it the same as your billing address - unless you truly want your order shipped to the Cuba Support Center.