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Award Spotlight

Ashley Spell, C-STORE (0630)

Ashley came into work on her day off so i can go home on time.

Terms and Conditions

  1. PLEASE ALLOW 4-6 WEEKS SHIPPING TIME.   Please note that ExxonMobil Cash Cards will be shipped to your work location.  All other items will be shipped to the delivery address that you indicated on your order. 
  2. ALL ITEMS ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY AND PRICING.  If an item is not currently available, we will email or notify you through your work location.  We may offer a substitute item, which you will need to approve.
  3. ALL AWARDS ARE TAXABLE. The Taxable Amount shown below for your item will appear on your 2nd payroll check the following month under “Taxable Reward”. The Taxable Amount represents the full retail value of your item (not including any shipping or taxes).  Half-price specials are taxable at the full retail value.  Note:  the Taxable Amount is NOT the amount deducted from your check but is only the amount subject to applicable social security, medicare, state and federal income taxes. The payroll department will not apply more than $150.00 of Taxable Reward on any one check and if your award value exceeds $150.00, then the additional amount will be applied to subsequent checks. No amounts will be processed in December.  See FAQs for more information. 
  4. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Returns are allowed for damaged items only. All returns must be made within 30 days of receipt of item. Items must be returned in original packaging. After 30 days, manufacturers warranties will apply. Be sure to keep the gift receipt which came with your shipment in order to comply with manufacturers warranty requirements.